We now offer off-site backups!

That’s right!  We are now offering off-site backup services.  You’ll be pleased to know that, unlike a lot of services out there ( Apple, Microsoft and the like ) your data will stay within Ontario.  It will never leave our country, which is good to know since the privacy laws here in Canada are more stringent than they are in the United States for example.


We are getting many more computers than usual with “Randsomeware” on them.  So what is Randsomeware? 

  • It appears on your computer as a warning that you must call a toll-free number right away in order to continue using your computer.
  • It may warn you that your computer is infected and that you must contact a website or a toll-free number to correct the issue.
  • Sometimes, you may get a notice that you must call Microsoft right away at a toll-free number on the screen.
  • these displays generally give you no place to exit by way of an “X” or “Close” button
  • They will caution you to not turn your computer off or disconnect from the Internet

There are many other examples as well, but the key point here is that you must contact someone to resolve an issue.  Under NO Circumstances Should You Call Them!   These fast-talking salespeople will convince you to let them take control of your computer to fix it.  When they do, they put software onto your computer that gives them access anytime your computer is on – to do whatever they like.  We have seen unfortunate cases where these people fleece customers for literally thousands of dollars.  If you have a good, understanding bank, you can get your money back ( be sure to get new replacement cards right away ).

So what do you do?
Turn off your computer immediately.  This can be done by simply holding down your power button until the computer shuts off.  Take your computer to get the software removed right away.  Make sure you have a good antivirus software package installed on your computer ….( free software might seem like the way to save a dollar, but it definitely is not the way to go ).

We can certainly help you with this and any other issues you may be having.  Just call 519-235-2136.